Nathaniel Tull Phillips


I earned my Ph.D., paying my own way with scholarships and teaching assistantships, at UCSD. My undergrad was at Northwestern University, and I completed two masters degrees at Johns Hopkins.


Currently, I work at Marylhurst University as Director of Information Technology, Academic and Support Services. Previously, I worked at Apple leading a team of 7-12 trainers in Portland and occasionally training other trainers at Apple HQ in Cupertino. I also worked at the University of Hong Kong for 3.5 years as a Research Assistant Professor and at Keio University, Tokyo.

Current Projects

Current projects of mine include Google for All!, Principles of Instructional Design, Intro to Fine Arts, Moodle Training, Moodle Customization

Other Interests

Making the best Bananas Foster possible, Science Fiction, Travel, Exercise.